Party: SKYDIVING Course Round 2

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Party: SKYDIVING Course Round 2

Are you really ready for the life time experience ??
Do you consider yourself as an adventurer ???
Do you have a passion of Skydiving ??

Then, here is the best experience you will ever have !!!!

This is not April fools joke. Tell your mates your are going to learn how to fly like a boss!!

The AFF course consists of 7 stages. Progress at your own rate as you learn to skydive solo and experience the thrill of free fall and deploying your own parachute.

Internationally recognized, this course involves 6-8 hours of comprehensive ground training before you do your
first jump. Your instructors are highly qualified from the french federation and will encourage and help you develop your flying skills every step of the way. Learn to skydive solo at the Beautiful landscapes of green areas as well as Atlas Mountains in Morocco !!!!!

Only Adrenaline addictive can join ;) ;) !!!!

Here we are offering the best competitive Package For Only : 1550 euros.

Package include:

-Ground school
-First jump with 2 instructors and 6 jumps with 1 instructor.

2- Accommodation for 6 days in a 4 stars hotel half board (breakfast and dinner). Shared Double or triple room.

3-transportation from airport to hotel.
And from hotel to Drop zone everyday.

4- videos of jumps.

5- insurance.

6-packing instructions.


1- Price doesn't include airline tickets it costs 3000-4000 le depending on season.

2- If the student needs extra jumps with instructor he will pay 137 euros extra for the jump.

3- when the student passes the AFF course he will be able to jump solo for 37 euros per jump for 4000 meters including (packing and gear rental).

4-There is an optional lunch at the drop zone for 6 euros per day.

5- course will take from 4-6 days depending upon weather condition.

6- language: English, French, there is Arabic translators.

Please register on the Tab of registration in our Page:
Sky Diving Courses, El Shams Club.
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For More Information Contact us :

+201002891293 (Egypt) MAhmoud ShAraf.
+97470753832 (Qatar) Mohammad Abdallah.

Invited: Tarek Abdel Sattar Refaay, Katy Burke, Ehab Galal, Khaled Salem, Mohamed Maher, Larbi Amammra, Jumana Alderazi, Amr Asaad, Mariza Zaki, Sabrina Mandouh, Karim El-Askary, Hussein Ahmed AL-sayed, Omar Assem, Christine Farid Kauzman, Lamia Fedawy, Mary Rizkallah, Abdalla A. Sabri ッ, Maha S. Botros, Hazem Mohamed, Khaled Abdelkhalk, Ebi Ashour show more »