Party: Raindogs/ The Cadillacs

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Party: Raindogs/ The Cadillacs

Tom Waits should be proud and so are we because his ultimate tribute band is here in Egypt! Raindogs cover the legend’s songs brilliantly & with so much soul. We just can’t seem to get enough of them so long as they keep making it rain!

The Cadillacs Cadillacs tear the CJC stage to shreds next their explosive rockabilly classics, fueled with tremendous talent & energy. Better keep a look out for these cool cats, or it can get messy!

House Rules Apply:
Reservations necessary.
Strictly couples only.
Minimum entry age 25.
Doors close at full capacity.

Invited: Karim Kassem-Khattab, Hassan Abouelrouss, Amy Frega, Hana El Rakhawi, Ahmed Elsherif, Mohamed 'Mickey' Ibrahim, Kevork Baboyan, Moose Tafa I-smile, Nadeen El Awadly, Ra Wan, MashKé Nada, Munky El Bakry, Hratch Mikaelian, Rami Adel Attallah, Maya Greiche Hanem, Sami Soliman, Magda Nassar, Ahmed Bassiouni, Hadeer Aldoh, Sarah Nashaat, Soha Mohsen show more »