Party: Dancestock ft. Sharam Jey (Germany)/ Shady Ezz

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Party: Dancestock ft. Sharam Jey (Germany)/ Shady Ezz

We’re taking Dancestock to a whole new level with dance music expert, Sharam Jey! Party the night away to some of the best G-House, indie dance and nu-disco sets known to man!

DJ Shady Ezz will start the fun earlier with a pumping tech house set to get you in the right mood.

STUDENT DJ Spin- Off-Micheal Mamdou vs. Maie El Sabi


House Rules Apply:
Reservations necessary.
Strictly couples only.
Minimum entry age 25.
Doors close at full capacity.

Invited: Waleed Fateem, Saeed, Tamer Auf, Ahmed Natout, Maie El Sabi, Nabil Kamal, Myriam Trannet, Nu El-Sherif, Mostafa I. ElFarouk, Ahmed Spike, Ahmed Osman, Ziyad Gad, Sara El-Redy, George Adel Youssef, Richard R. Chalhoub, Lausanne Shalaby, Omar Sherif, Marwan Hesham, Sasha Sahar, Sherif Serag ElDin, Shady Ezz show more »