Party: Beats Landing ft. Vintage Culture

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Party: Beats Landing ft. Vintage Culture

Brazilian producer Lukas Ruiz Vintage Culture has dedicated himself to create a unique brand of Nu-Disco that focuses on blending the sounds of retro synth pop with the innovative feeling of the modern Deep House/Nu-Disco scene.

Vintage Culture will deliver dance floor igniting music guaranteed to fuel Beats Landing and put a sexy strut in everyone’s steps.

150le entrance ticket including a free drink.

House Rules Apply:
Table reservation necessary.
Entrance at door's discretion.
Strictly couples only.
Minimum entry age 25.
Doors close at full capacity.

Invited: Aurelia Weintz, Moez Annabi, Assem Memon, Mayan Fawaz, Nihal Abd El Akher, Randa Naem, Zeyad Gohary, Amr Ezzo, Hassan El Sada, Ahmed Aroussi, Mena Magdi, Tamer Auf, Sarah Abdelmoneim, Mohamed Yousry, Maie El Sabi, Omar Shilbaya, Irene B., Amy Frega, Ahmed Mansour, Amira Farag, Sara Qaldas show more »