Party: Aqsa Al Wasat / Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy

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Aqsa Al Wasat / Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy

Club: Cairo Jazz Club

Upcoming: 140
Date: 24.03.2015 22:30
Address: 197, 26th July St., Agouza, Giza, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt | show on the map »

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Party: Aqsa Al Wasat / Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy

Two musicians from very different musical backgrounds come together as أقصى الوسط Aqsa Alwasat, a fusion formation not led by specific genres. What will be apparent in their debut performance is their passion for the arts and musical talents.

Up next, a dynamic fusion performance with Ahmed Saleh'’s electronic, trip hop beats and Abdullah Miniawy's Sufi-inspired poetry.

House Rules Apply:
Table reservation necessary.
Entrance at door's discretion.
Strictly couples only.
Minimum entry age 25.
Doors close at full capacity.

Invited: Heidi Mekawi, Maha ElNabawi, Victor Credi, Sallie Pisch, Moez Annabi, Muhammad El Quessny, Salma Amer, Zeyad Gohary, Sarah Abdelmoneim, Lobna Younes, Amy Frega, Hashem El Saifi, Lara Meuli, Kaylan Geiger, Ahmed Shoukry, Omar Amin, Sara Qaldas, Ali Azmy, Ahmed Bahaa, Sara El-Redy, George Adel Youssef show more »