Party: Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy

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Party: Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy

This talented duo present an exciting show with Ahmed Saleh’s electronic, trip hop beats and Abdullah Miniawy’s vocals, with Sufi-inspired poetry.

Check them out!

House Rules Apply:
Reservations necessary.
Strictly couples only.
Minimum entry age 25.
Doors close at full capacity.

Invited: Maha ElNabawi, Nou Sha, Tarek Metwally, Ali Charrier-Rachidi, Rowan El Shimi, Amr Nazeer, Maie El Sabi, Sara El-Redy, Alaa Sharshar, Shady Ahmed, Ami Khalil, Mohamed Mohasseb, Moose Tafa I-smile, Ahmad Hani, Sarah Nader, Nameer Nashaat, Le Safius, Maii Waleed Yassin, Noha Nabil, Dalia G. Abd El-Aziz, Rami Adel Attallah show more »