Party: 7th Jan Party

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Party: 7th Jan Party

Merry Christmas to our Christian friends, we have a massive party on Wednesday 7th Jan with the lovely belly dancer Aleya and DJ Ahmed Saleh with deep house session then our resident DJ continue the night with nonstop dancing.

For reservations please call 01003398000
Party stars at 10:00 pm

House rules apply:
Couples or mixed group

Invited: Mostafa Youssef, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, Nancy Milad, Shorouk Fahima Elattar, Joseph Wagih, Khaled Abol Naga, Ahmed Omran, Mohamed Mostafa, Didi Awad, Vivian F. Mourad, Yasser Abo Ismail, Lana Mushtaq, Ahmed Omara, Mohamed Chawky, Marina Ghaly, Karim El Bialy, Fady Boyajian, Mariam El Assiouty, Reham Assem M., Amr Mohamed, Ingy Galal show more »